** 2019 Exam Results **

Sixth Form Results

Students at the Sixth Form College at All Hallows have enjoyed a magnificent Results Day.  The students achieved the best A Level results in the school’s history, with 66% of grades at A*-B and over 1 in 3 grades at A or A*.  Every student passed every qualification and so the College proudly reports a 100% pass rate.

As always, these results have been achieved through the determination, resilience and hard work of our fabulous students. We would also like to thank their parents and families for their support, as well as all the teachers who helped them at school.

What these statistics do not reveal is the wonderful story behind each individual student’s success. Scarlett Tommons received A*A*A* to allow her to study History at Oxford. Martin Davies secured A*A*A*A* and intends to read Maths at Cambridge.

Marcus Johnson’s A*A*A sees him achieve the grades required to study Economics at Exeter and Josh Elsey, Ande McClintock and Toby Richardson-Jones all received impressive A*AA results that allow them to study Medicine. Another aspiring doctor, Laju Gurung, is delighted to take up a place for Medicine at Leicester.

Charlie Farrant and Sean Summers also received A*AA, with Frances Kemp securing A*AAB. Ethan Lunn, Pasha MacLachlan, Emily Pilkington all achieved AAA and Bevan Pun and Ben McLaren-Porter achieved A*AB. So many other students achieved brilliant results and we are equally proud of every single one of them.

In addition to the array of exciting university courses that many of our students are soon to begin, we also have a number of students starting apprenticeships – the most popular being in ICT and Business. Additionally, other students had to book this morning off work as they have started jobs that are already seeing them put some of the life skills learned from their time at All Hallows into practice.

We wish all of our students the very best of luck in their future accomplishments and, as ever, we look forward to hearing from our new alumni in the years to come.

GCSE Results

Today the Year 11 students of All Hallows Catholic School are celebrating another year of amazing GCSE results with results showing a 5% increase on last year. The results of the school were fantastic with 81% of students achieving grade 4 or above in English and Maths. The percentage of 9-7 grades achieved by students was 32%. The percentage of students who achieved five or more grade 4s was 86%, which is a 5% increase on previous year’s results.

As a school the results overall have been very impressive but there are individuals whose achievement is worth a special mention:

Hannah Bradley achieved Grade 9 in every single subject taken which is an outstanding set of results.  Other students who did exceptionally well were:

Grace Allan and Phoebe Smith who both achieved 10 grade 9’s and 1 grade 8, Iona Baxter 7 grade 9’s and 4 grade 8’s and Charlotte Linder 7 grade 9’s and 3 grade 8’s.

There were also 9 students who achieved all grade 9-7 across their subjects:

Andrew Garrett, Alexia Georgakakos, Britina Gurung, Francesca Johnson, Diksha Manupriya, Hattie Mitchell, Michael Simmons, Sophie Stanford and Madeleine Wright.

In addition to these students there were also several pupils who achieved or exceeded their target grade across 7 or more of their subjects:

Andrew Garrett, Ashish Furtado, Maggie Li, Rhys Pullen, Ethan Cabral, Grace Slee, Oliver Stone and Michael Simmons.

Head of Year 11, Miss Milnes, congratulated the students as they opened their envelopes. She said, ‘I am so pleased with all of the Year 11 students. Their hard work has paid off and now they can celebrate a fantastic set of results, which will set them up for the next stage of their journey. I wish them all the best for their future adventures.’