A Welcome From Mr Doyle

Welcome to All Hallows! Thank you for visiting our website – we hope that you find what you are looking for.

All Hallows is a Roman Catholic comprehensive school in the diocese of Portsmouth that serves the students and families of Surrey and Hampshire. We are a happy and high-achieving school, and alongside our strong academic performance, we offer a wide range of activities outside the classroom. We do this so that each student can experience a wide range of opportunities and find where their vocation in life lies.

We feel that our success comes down to a few things that are easy to understand and which need the attention of all of our community. We are positive and friendly, and value each person for her- or himself; we focus unashamedly on high achievement in the classroom and beyond; we work hard, and look to praise those who are great examples of this; finally, we share the good news that Christ is with us on our journey and helps us to use our talents to serve our students. We believe that if we all work hard at these things, our students will be happy and successful.

If you would like to visit, please make an appointment. You will be very welcome.

Patrick Doyle