Report an Absence

Report an Absence or Request a Future Absence

Attendance Policy


  1. Lessons run from 0850 to 1515 every day. However, the College operates a ‘working day’ philosophy where we encourage students to work in our facilities before and beyond timetabled lessons.
  2. Attendance is required to be punctual for all of their timetabled contact, including lessons, tutor periods, assemblies and General RE plus Games. We also require students to complete a minimum of six directed ‘Independent Studies’ periods each week in our study facilities.
  3. Sixth Form students have off-site privileges at lunchtime. Their return must be prompt for the start of Period 5. This privilege may be removed or extended on a discretionary basis.
  4. Students must sign in and out at the Sixth Form Reception if arriving late or leaving earlier than 1515.
  5. When absent, all students are expected to catch up on work missed by proactively asking for ‘catch up’ work directly from their class teachers.

Unplanned Absence

  1. On the first day of absence parent/guardian are expected to contact the College by 0830 and again on all subsequent days unless a doctor’s note has been provided. Medical absence of three days or more require evidence to support the absence (e.g. appointment confirmation, prescription with name and date visible)
  2. Parents of a student who is absent from College without reason will be sent a text message on the day of absence. A reply via telephone or email is expected stating the reason for the students’ absence; if no reply is received, this will be recorded as an ‘Unauthorised absence’ and the case dealt with as truancy.

Medical appointments

  1. We request that medical appointments be made outside of College hours. However, the College recognises that this is not always possible. We require written notification in advance.

Special circumstances

  1. Students are permitted absence to attend two university Open Days per year. Parents must provide advance written request. Most institutions schedule Open Days at weekends as well as midweek.
  2. Driving lessons are not to be scheduled during the College Day. We will permit students to book Driving Tests during the College Day but require written request in advance.
  3. Any absence for exceptional circumstances (e.g. elite sporting events, funerals) must be requested in writing in advance. Holidays during term time will not be authorised.

Persistent Absence

  1. If an individual student’s attendance falls below 95%, the College will contact parents to inform them that their student is at risk of ‘persistent absence’. The College will meet with the student to establish an action plan with clear and appropriate targets for improvement.
  2. If an individual student’s attendance falls to 90% or lower, we classify this as ‘persistent absence’ which is dealt with in line with the Student Conduct Policy. Persistent absence may result in a student being charged for their examination entries and/or their College place being withdrawn.