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Access Arrangements

All Hallows Catholic School Policy for Access Arrangements with specific reference to privately commissioned reports.

Access Arrangements are agreed by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) to allow students with SEND or temporary injury to access an assessment equally and without changing the demands of the assessment.

All Hallows cannot accept the recommendations of privately commissioned reports as we have to operate with complete transparency and fairness to all our students. In order to do this we must ensure that the same testing procedures are used for all students and are moderated within the school. Our resources are constrained by Government and Local Authority SEN funding mechanisms which explicitly state what we are allowed to fund and for which degree of need.

Applications for Access Arrangements should provide information ‘detailing the candidate’s background and history of support prior to the specialist assessment.’ (Section 7.61 of the Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustment Code 2013-14). The exam centre (All Hallows Catholic School) must provide a history of individual need and intervention prior to the specialist assessments carried out within the school. This information is recorded on Form 8 of the JCQ requirements and is available for inspection by the JCQ.

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