Amoris Laetitia

At the heart of any Catholic School is the mission to enable all students to flourish academically and personally, thus equipping young people for an ever-changing world. It is also our mission, here At All Hallows, to facilitate and support the spiritual formation of each young person so that our entire community can better understand God’s purpose in their lives.

Pope Francis’s exhortation ‘Amoris Laetitia’ or the ‘Joy of love’, offers much insight and encouragement to families in their daily lives and the challenges the modern world brings with it. More importantly, Pope Francis reminds us that we must all reflect on our journey of love and what this means within the context of our very own families. The Pope explains that ‘No family drops down from Heaven perfectly formed’ (352). The Church recognises the importance of family life and love and offers parents and carers guidance on how best to develop and nourish the Catholic life and education of your children, especially nurturing the relationship between home, school and the parish.

Love in the family is a ‘never-ending vocation’ (325) and our Holy Father asks us to open our hearts & minds to the wonder of God’s plan for us. We are encouraged to seek help from our parish Priests when facing difficulties within our families so we can ‘discover a path to personal growth’ (312).

We would urge you to take time to read the exhortation as it really is an immense source of joy. It certainly provokes much thought as to what we can all do to strive towards strengthening our relationships with one another and also within our family units too.

The full document, together with a more detailed summary, can be viewed on the Bishops’ Conference website at