Support for experienced new teachers to All Hallows


Support for Experienced New Teachers

 Getting the right teachers is really important. Once we have them we want to hold on to them and enable them to flourish. At All Hallows we have developed an induction programme to help all new experienced teachers settle into the school. Whilst we have no one set way our teachers should teach, we do have a set of shared principles to which we all subscribe and so the induction programme provided introduces new staff to these principles as well as the structures and systems of our school.

Summer Induction Day

This is a chance for new staff to meet their new colleagues, get to know their department and understand the expectations and systems of our school. It is also a chance for them to find out the logistical information needed ahead of September such as whether they have a form, who their head of year is etc. This year the date for this summer induction is Wednesday 26th June 2019, beginning at 9.30am.

 NET (New Experienced Staff) Sessions

These will take place on a Tuesday afternoon from 3.45pm until 4.15pm in Room SF7 for the first half term of the school year. Below is our provisional programme for 2019/2020.

DateSession NoSessionObjectives
Tuesday 10th September1Behaviour for LearningFor staff to understand the school wide approach to BfL and to take away specific strategies used at All Hallows to manage behaviour in our lessons
Tuesday 17th September2L&T In the classroomFor staff to understand the common framework and principles of L&T used at All Hallows and to leave with examples of strategies they can incorporate into their own teaching
Tuesday 24th September3Performance ManagementFor staff to understand how the performance management system works and to feel confident about how to succeed in it
Tuesday 1st October4Teaching Sixth FormFor staff to understand what is expected of sixth form teaching that might be different from main school teaching
Tuesday 8th October5Pastoral CareFor staff to understand what it means to be a successful form tutor at All Hallows and to review the systems and procedures we’ve established with our forms so far
Tuesday 15th October6Catholic Life of the schoolFor staff to understand the programme of events that takes place during the school year, what being a Catholic means and have some key questions about Catholicism answered
Tuesday 22nd October7Trips and VisitsFor staff to understand how to organise trips, including day visits, residentials and in-school activities

In addition to these, staff are also invited to attend the NQT training sessions should they wish. These cover a range of different L&T topics during the year – see the NQT training timetable for more information. These sessions take place on a Monday afternoon in Room 17.

Visit by a member of the L&T Team

During the first few weeks of their time at All Hallows, all new experienced staff will receive an visit from a member of the L&T team, who will stay for around 20-30 minutes of a lesson. The purpose of this visit is just to make sure that everything is going ok and to provide feedback to the new colleague so that they know what they are doing well and areas to focus on going forward. It is often the first chance to celebrate with new staff the success they have had at the beginning of their time at the school and for new staff to engage with a colleague in discourse about their own teaching practice.


All experienced new members of staff are assigned a mentor during their first half term at AHCS. This is normally their HOD but it could be a member of SLT if the HOD is the new member of staff. In their weekly meetings, mentors are provided with a checklist of activities to complete with their new member of staff in order to ensure a smooth induction into the school. All new experienced members of staff are also assigned a ‘buddy’ – this is normally someone who was new last year who drops in and just checks that they are ‘OK’ and an answer any questions however small or silly!

Opportunities for CPD

In the September we outline the different CPD (Continuing professional development) opportunities open to staff for the forthcoming year. An example of such a CPD opportunity for experienced new staff is our Pastoral Programme, for those looking to become Assistant Heads of Year or Heads of Year. For those who are looking to move into SLT we offer the chance to complete your NPQSL with ‘Teach South East’ – an external provider with whom we are closely affiliated. This is all run alongside sessions aimed at continually improving practice in the classroom.