Learning and Teaching

Learning & Teaching at All Hallows

At All Hallows, we believe that our core purpose is three fold; to love our students, to teach them well and to help them find their vocation in life.

As such, great importance is placed on quality learning and teaching inside our classrooms. The primary role of teachers in our school is to plan brilliant lessons, to monitor progress of our students and support them effectively to achieve their potential. The role of all other adults in the school, including the SLT, is to enable our teachers to do this to the very best of their ability, and monitor that all students are getting the deal they deserve.

Our teaching philosophy:

There is no one right way to teach at All Hallows – we value all teaching styles, so long as students are engaged, challenged and know how to do well. However, we have developed a set of shared principles to which we all subscribe:

Great teachers…
  • Develop a strong rapport with their students – they know them as individuals and they know them well. Happy children learn best
  • Are teachers of children, rather than subjects
  • Are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects and are given the opportunity to develop this
  • Live out our Catholic character values and demonstrate good classroom behaviours. They then ensure that their students live these out too
  • Ensure all of their children succeed, not just most
  • Spend their time planning quality and interesting tasks, well-articulated explanations, useful and clear feedback opportunities and rigorous support and challenge, over flick ticking books
  • Want to reflect and get new ideas, not because they aren’t any good but because they always want to be even better. All teachers deserve excellent CPD, regardless of how long they have been teaching
  • Monitor the progress of their children carefully
Great teaching…
  • Doesn’t just take place in the classroom – all parts of school life are about learning character and skills
  • Is consistent across the week. Every lesson of every day counts – Friday Period 6 should be just as good as Monday Period 1, otherwise what’s the point of being there?
  • Prepares students excellently for public exams but doesn’t make the public exam the only end goal – it engenders a lifelong love of learning, it nurtures curiosity and develops a depth of understanding. It also creates model citizens who are able to think, speak and go out to make the world a better place
  • Is about developing learning over the longer term not just in 50 minute blocks – a sequence of lessons, a year, a key stage, their 7 years at All Hallows. It is well planned so that learning builds from one lesson to the next
Great lessons…
  • Have clearly thought through outcomes – what is it exactly that the highest achieving students should be able to do by the end?
  • Have well planned tasks, explanations, feedback moments, modelling, questioning, to help all students achieve these challenging desired outcomes
  • Provides support and challenge so that all students can achieve all intended outcomes
  • Are interesting, engaging and challenging
  • Assess the learning of all regularly, and intervenes if students don’t get it
  • Are taught in a way that means the knowledge or skills can be recalled and understood months later, not just at the end of a 50 minute lesson
  • Encourage thinking and reflection. There’s nothing wrong with students having to think hard – high challenge, low stress
  • Use Teaching Assistants wisely
  • Link the learning to the bigger picture – how does the learning fit in with past lessons?
  • Help the students make clear progress – they know what they need to do to improve