Training to Teach at All Hallows – School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

Outstanding teachers are nurtured at All Hallows in partnership with Teach SouthEast; a partnership of 15 schools led by St John the Baptist school in Woking and Salesian school in Chertsey.

High-quality training enables all trainees to develop into confident and competent professionals. SCITT Trainees are well prepared through their placement here at All Hallows and with an ‘Away’ school placement at one of the other schools in the partnership. During both placements, SCITT trainees gain substantial practical experience, developing their evaluative and practical teaching skills effectively. Trainees are in school, teaching and observing lessons, four days a week, with the fifth day spent receiving General Professional Studies and subject specific training. Trainees are allocated expert mentors and external subject trainers, both of whom have consistently high expectations and work collaboratively to ensure training is coherent and highly relevant to the needs of trainees.

Summer Induction Days

This is a chance for trainees to meet their new colleagues, get to know their department and understand the expectations and systems of our school. It is also a chance for them to find out the logistical information needed ahead of September. This year the dates for this summer induction are: Wednesday 26th June 2019, beginning at 9.30am,Thursday 27thth June 2019, beginning at 9.30am and Friday 28th June 2019, beginning at 8.30am.

SCITT CPD Sessions

These complement the General Professional Studies sessions you receive from Teach SouthEast and will further develop your teaching, they will take place on a Tuesday afternoon from 3.30pm until 4.30pm throughout the school year. Below is our provisional programme for the first half term of 2019/2020.

DateSession NoSessionObjectives
Tuesday 10th September1Introduction and adviceFor trainees to have a clear understanding of the expectations of them in terms of teaching and observing lessons, paperwork and evidence gathering.
For trainees to raise any concerns/ problems that they have.
For trainees to meet last year’s SCITT trainees and hear their ‘top tips’ for success.
Tuesday 17th September2Lesson Planning and Lesson OutcomesFor trainees to be able to effectively plan their first lessons
To share a range of lesson planning techniques
To ensure that lessons are planned around clear learning outcomes
Tuesday 24th September3Behaviour for LearningFor trainees to understand the school wide approach to BfL and to take away specific strategies used at All Hallows to manage behaviour in our lessons
Tuesday 1st October4Setting effective homeworkFor trainees to understand the All Hallows’ requirements and protocols regarding setting homework
For trainees to learn about different ways of setting and marking homework
For trainees to discuss the purpose and value of homework so that the work they set is effective use of students’ time.
Tuesday 8th October5Working with parentsFor trainees to recognize the importance of working with parents to promote positive outcomes for students.
For trainees to learn the All Hallows protocols for contacting/ responding to contact from parents.
For trainees to plan a positive phone call home for one of their students.
Tuesday 15th October6Pastoral care – being a great Form TutorFor trainees to reflect on their experience of working with a tutor group at All Hallows.
For trainees to learn about the wider role of a form tutor and head of year.
For trainees to plan to take a more active role with their tutor group after half term.
Tuesday 22nd October7Work-life balanceFor trainees to discuss how they’ve coped with the first half term’s workload.
For trainees to plan how they will manage after half term when their teaching demand increases.
For last year’s trainees to give advice re: work-life balance
For trainees to plan their half-term so that they are rested and productive after it.


All trainee teachers will have a dedicated mentor who will carry out one formal, graded lesson observation every week and have a one-hour face to face mentor meeting with them.  Mentors are carefully chosen to be able to guide, support and challenge trainees to become the very best teacher that they can.  Mentors are expert teachers within the trainee’s subject area who can model the Outstanding teaching that we expect our trainees to aspire to.


In addition to your mentor, the SCITT Lead, Tracy Parry, supports SCITT trainees at All Hallows by liaising between All Hallows and Teach SouthEast, jointly observing trainees for their mid-term review and providing quality assurance of the mentoring process, regularly ‘checking-in’ with trainees and coordinating and delivering SCITT Lead CPD each week.

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