Student perspectives

‘The community of staff and students here make the experience of studying at All Hallows’ a great one. It’s easy to be stressed during A Levels and University Applications, but the support we receive as students is amazing. Every teacher knows your strengths and weaknesses well by the first term, and will always be ready to offer academic help. Many teachers offered help and guidance during my applications for Medicine and, out of the five students in my year who applied for medical courses, we have all managed to get offers. This only goes to show how the Sixth Form really helps every student achieve their full potential.’
Ande, Year 13

‘I like the study facilities provided to help us in our courses. I sometimes struggle to find motivation at home so the Sixth Form Study Centre is a really useful space. It’s particularly useful that the study spaces are open into the evening if I am facing any tight deadlines.’
Ann, Year 12