Support for NQTs

Support for Newly Qualified Teachers


Thomas More:           Why not be a teacher?  You’d be a fine teacher, perhaps a great one.

Richard Rich:             If I was, who would know it?

Thomas More:           You, your pupils, your friends, God….

                                                                                                            (A Man for All Seasons)

Teaching is quite simply one of the best jobs in the world and at All Hallows we recognise the importance of excellent training and support in your first year to make sure that your career is a success. With this in mind our NQT Induction Programme has been designed not only to support you in meeting the requirements of the Teachers’ Standards, as set out by the DfE and our own All Hallows standards, but also to offer you practical advice, opportunities for reflection and the chance to share good practice with colleagues.


All NQTs joining All Hallows get a mentor and a buddy. The mentor’s job is to guide you through you first year. They will regularly observe you teach to ensure you are getting constant feedback and during weekly mentor meetings you will come up with SMART targets to work on for next week. The mentors are hand-picked teachers who we feel not only have the right character skills to mentor and coach others but are themselves excellent practitioners in the classroom.

Visit by a member of the L&T Team

During the first few weeks of their time at All Hallows, all NQTs will receive an visit from a member of the L&T team, who will stay for around 20-30 minutes of a lesson. The purpose of this visit is just to make sure that everything is going ok and to provide feedback to the new colleague so that they know what they are doing well and areas to focus on going forward. It is often the first chance to celebrate with new staff the success they have had at the beginning of their time at the school and for new staff to engage with a colleague other than their mentor in discourse about their own teaching practice.


Our assessment of NQTs is carried out in conjunction with the CTSA – the Catholic Teaching Schools Alliance ( which is led by St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Aldershot, an outstanding teaching school and one of our largest feeder primaries. Your mentor will support and guide you with your folder, which is submitted to one of our assessors each term. These assessors are experienced senior staff members at All Hallows. Your assessor will also complete one formal observation lesson per term.

Summer Induction Programme

This is a chance for trainees to meet their new colleagues, get to know their department and understand the expectations and systems of our school. It is also a chance for them to find out the logistical information needed ahead of September. This year the dates for this summer induction are: Wednesday 26th June 2019, beginning at 9.30am, Thursday 27th June 2019, beginning at 9.30am and Friday 28th June 2019, beginning at 8.30am. 

CPD Programme

Please click on the below attachment to download our provisional CPD programme for NQTs for 2019/2020. Please note that this is subject to change.

CPD Programme

Further Information

For further information please speak to Mrs Linda Jones, at